89/154 kV XLPE Insulated Single-Core Transverse and Longitudinal Waterproof Mid Voltage Power Cables

Standarts : VDE 0276-632, IEC 60840
Construction : Copper conductor,inner semiconductive layer,XLPE insulation,Outer semiconductive layer,semiconductive swelling tape,copper wires screen,copper tape,swelling tape,Aluminium tape, PE outer sheath
Application : Cables with very low dielectric losses are use with sudden load changes Networks and short circuit currents in large residential and industrial areas, cable troughs, under the earth and the air.If the water enter the cables with mechanical effects, swelling tape acting as a holder prevents movement of the water.
Technical Details : Max. operating temperature 90°C
Max. permissible short circuit temperature 250°C
Max. for 5 sec.
Min. Bending radius 15*D D: overall diameter

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