ZNUR KABLO which is one of the most important cable factories of our country was founded in 1989 in Istanbul by using 100% domestic capital.

ZNUR KABLO that has modern IT infrastructure and automation technology, has capacity to produce 40.000 tons natural and coloured PVC granules, 70.000 tons 8 mm electrolytic copper wire rod, moreover; our company has capacity to use 6.000 tons XLPE and 10.000 tons HFFR material.
The certificates which ZNUR KABLO has are Quality Management System TS-ISOEN 9000, Environment Management System TS-ISO-EN 14000 and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety show the how ZNUR KABLO attach importance to quality, human and environment and has principle about quality management systems. According to these principles, ZNUR KABLO ensures customer satisfaction by providing to its costumers reliable and high quality products.

To reach the aim of the company, continuity and growth, ZNUR KABLO built the factory which has 20.000 m closed area and produce 0.6/1 kv PVC insulated cables erkezky on a 110.000 m open area in 1999.

ZNUR KABLO produces XLPE insulated medium-voltage cables between 3,6/6 KV and 20,3/35 KV by the vulcanisation system in the CV line that has capacity to produce 154 KV high-voltage cables in the new factory that built on a 20.000 m closed area in 2006 by its quality and keeping up the developments of the industry vision.

ZNUR KABLO set up facility of 8mm SCR-2000 electrolytic copper wire rod which is supplied from Southwire Company U.S. with 70.000 tons capacity in a year. This capacity made ZNUR KABLO leader of the industry of electrolytic copper wire rod.

By the philosophy of continually investing, ZNUR KABLO produces XLPE insulated Halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) cables.

ZNUR KABLO started to build 4th factory that will have aluminium wire rod production line, aluminium wire drawing and thinning line, 2. CV insulation line for XLPE medium-voltage cables, ALPEK cables production line, aluminium conductors for overhead power lines production line, control cables and special cables production line furthermore; As a result of the increasing demand for HFFR cables to respond to this need, it will have HFFR insulated and fill and outer sheath granules production line in 2012.

ZNUR KABLO that has our countrys the most modern production lines and quality control testing laboratories equipped cable factory, serves by Electrolytic 8mm copper rod production facility, CV XLPE insulate line that capable to produce 154 KV high-voltage cables, copper wire drawing and thinning lines, conductor and string twisting lines, 0,6/1 kv PVC, XLPE, HFFR insulated and sheathed cable extrusion lines, PVS granules production, packing and packaging machines and advanced laboratories which does the quality controls of all of the products.

Since the day that it was founded, ZNUR CABLES has the principle for customer satisfaction. In this context, to provide the needs of customers, it produces the specially designed cables as well as producing products in TS, VDE, IEC, KEMA, GOST-R standards.

ZNUR KABLO will be the best cable manufacturer of the Turkey by its 70.000 m closed area and the capacity to product 70.000 tons copper wire rod.

ZNUR KABLO keeps on working towards becoming a global brand.

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