To reach the aim of the company, continuity and growth, ÖZNUR KABLO built the factory which has 20.000 m² closed area and produce 0.6/1 kv PVC insulated cables Çerkezköy on a 110.000 m² open area in 1999.

ÖZNUR KABLO produces XLPE insulated medium-voltage cables between 3,6/6 KV and 20,3/35 KV by the vulcanisation system in the CV line that has capacity to produce 154 KV high-voltage cables in the new factory that built on a 20.000 m² closed area in 2006 by its quality and keeping up the developments of the industry vision.

ÖZNUR KABLO set up facility of 8mm SCR-2000 electrolytic copper wire rod which is supplied from Southwire Company U.S. with 70.000 tons capacity in a year. This capacity made ÖZNUR KABLO leader of the industry of electrolytic copper wire rod.
By the philosophy of continually investing, ÖZNUR KABLO produces XLPE insulated Halogen free flame retardant (HFFR) cables.

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