About Us

Öznur Kablo


ÖZNUR KABLO, one of the leading cable companies of TURKEY, established in Istanbul with %100 domestic capital at the year of 1989.


With modern information processing infrastructure and automation technology, ÖZNUR KABLO have production capacity of 40,000 tons of natural and colored PVC granules, 70,000 tons of 8 mm electrolytic copper wire rods, 12,000 tons of 9.5 mm aluminum rods, and processing capacity of 6,000 tons of XLPE and 10,000 tons of HFFR material.


As an indicator of the importance of quality, human and environment, ÖZNUR KABLO, has accepted Quality Management System (TS EN ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (TS EN ISO 14001), Occupational Health and Safety Management System (TS EN ISO 45001), Information Security Management System (TS EN ISO/IEC 27001) and Energy Management System (TS EN ISO 50001) as its main principles.


Acting based on these principles, ÖZNUR KABLO provides reliable and superior quality products to the consumers and ensures continuous customer satisfaction.


ÖZNUR KABLO, who aims at sustainability in growth, realized the first investment on 110.000 m² open space area in Çerkezköy in 1999 by establishing a factory which produces 0,6 / 1 kV PVC insulated cables with 20.000 m² closed area.


With its vision of quality and developments in the sector closely, ÖZNUR KABLO has established another 20.000 m² closed area facility in 2006. This facility is capable of producing 154 KV high voltage cables in the CV line which has a continuous vulcanization system to produce XLPE insulated medium voltage cable between 3,6 / 6kV and 20,3 / 35kV.


ÖZNUR KABLO, aiming to grow continuously, established another investment for 8 mm SCR-2000 electrolytic copper wire rod facility with an annual capacity of 70.000 tons, supplied from the SOUTHWIRE company of USA with 5000 m² closed area in 2007. This annual production capacity of 70.000 tons has made ÖZNUR KABLO the leading producer of Electrolytic copper wire rod in the cable industry.


ÖZNUR KABLO, which has adopted the philosophy of continuous investment philosophy as its principle, produces fire-safe HFFR cables which are XLPE insulated, HFFR Filled and Outer Sheathed Halogen Free products.


ÖZNUR KABLO has established its 4th facility in 2015 on 25.000 m² closed area which has Aluminum wire drawing and thinning lines, Aluminum conductor drawing lines, second continuous vulcanization CV line for XLPE insulated medium voltage cables, AER cable production line and low voltage and medium voltage cables with Aluminum conductor.


With the completion of the installation of the aluminum wire rod production line and HFFR granule production line of 2,000 kg / hour capacity which is for the increasing demand of HFFR cables, ÖZNUR KABLO will continue to invest in the way to become a modern integrated plant.


ÖZNUR KABLO received the relevant product certificate from TUV Rheinland in 2021 to manufacture H1Z2Z2-K type Solar Cables used in Solar Power Plants and started production. In addition, to manufacture tinned copper wire used as conductor in Solar Cables, established a "Copper Tinning Line" in 2022 and started its own production in the same year.


Today ÖZNUR KABLO, which owns the state-of-the-art cable factory equipped with the most modern production lines and quality control test laboratories, also stands out in terms of price compatibility in the industry with its high-quality products with competitive conditions as a result of high production efficiency and low general costs.


ÖZNUR KABLO has adopted customer satisfaction as a principle since its establishment. In this context, apart from the products ÖZNUR KABLO offers in accordance to TSE, VDE and IEC, standards, it also responds to customized requests for custom cable production. ÖZNUR KABLO, which has built on 70.000 m² closed area, has also adopted the principle of customer satisfaction with its short delivery time by keeping all types of cables in stock.


ÖZNUR KABLO is paving the way to become one of Europe’s largest cable manufacturers.